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      Sales Planning & Administration Manager

      Job Title: ? Sales Planning & Administration Manager
      Reports To: ?SVP & Head of EMEA, International Television Sales
      Location: ? ?London, UK

      Main Responsibilities:

      To support the Sales Team with the identification of potential revenue opportunities across the EMEA region and with the administration process of all sales agreements, assisting the SVP Int’l TV Sales and SVP Sales Planning & Analysis as requested.? Manage and support co-ordinators in pre-and post-sales administration of deals across all media and train support staff when required.


      Sales Planning:

      • Liaison with Home Office Sales Planning Team on the regular tracking of sales targets by Sales Person (Sales Written, FY Revenue) and facilitate key deliverables / deadlines.
      • Assist Sales Team with the update of Roadmap templates, ensuring that deals in progress are accurately captured and timing assumptions noted;
      • Coordinating greenlight or Library estimates, one-off avails analyses;
      • Work with the Sales Team to identify where and when (based on avails) there may be opportunities to license content;
      • Coordinate with Home Office Sales Planning to ensure that the status of deals submitted for approval is known and regularly communicated to the Sales Team. Be the point person for the UK office to move things along where needed;
      • Coordinate with EMEA Sales Team to track notices of product availability. Maintain an internal calendar to track local broadcast dates by series/season and applicable NOA dates;
      • Participate in regular Sales Planning/Sales Team calls to review the status of deals in the pipeline and to identify potential risks/opportunities (with deal execution, timing).


      Sales Administration:

      • Point person for the EMEA sales team for all system, process, deal & document related administration.? Acts as a key inter- departmental information conduit between the UK & Home Office;
      • Provide training and assistance to all EMEA team members on any existing or new group systems used e.g. SNAP. Collates & actions all queries raised by team members and offers assistance with solutions;
      • To assist the team with the deal process to ensure that; everyone has a thorough understanding of the rights and functionalities that are included in the deal memo; that the correct collision checks have been performed and that all titles are clear for sale; and oversees that, where appropriate, each deal receives appropriate management approvals.;
      • Assist with tracking of pending contracts, where appropriate, together with the relevant sales executive & co-ordinator. To be aware of any specific contractual stipulations that must be included in long form agreements such as catch up restrictions for Global SVOD deals, and communicate this with sales team member for relevant deal.
      • Assisting co-ordinators in tracking and issuing of NOAs and materials access letters, where appropriate.
      • In conjunction with co-ordinators, liaise with Operations in LA and where applicable, in the UK, to establish materials held to service deals and to be aware of any cost implications and reasons for this, that may affect a pending deal.
      • In conjunction with co-ordinators, assist with any language asset requests.
      • Maintenance of all shared online departmental files. Ensures that all key documents relating to new programming, holdbacks, availabilities, client program feedback, broadcaster landscapes & broadcast information are up to date. Ensure that the sales team saves their work into the shared drives and that they are aware of the most recently updated documents.
      • Take full ownership for tracking U.S (& international, where relevant) scheduling on new programming to ensure holdbacks from U.S licensees are adhered to by local licensees and to ensure timely & correct availability dates are communicated to local licensees.
      • Keeping abreast of all upcoming delivery schedules for new programming & communicate with the team.
      • Tracking runs taken by licensees where required of TV & film product to maximize relicensing opportunities.? If an external company/agency is used, maintaining this relationship directly.
      • Maintain record and track new release information for relevant theatrical titles including box office and digital sales information.
      • Facilitate future sale opportunities for sales team by; tracking deals with Life of Series and/or Option clauses; running regular product expiry reports to increase renewed sale possibilities & liaising with the international film team to ensure no extensions are applicable due to under recoupment and where possible, track windowing for all film product to ensure each window is fully exploited.
      • Assist in providing ideas for new sales methods, drafting opportunities & marketing of programming including bespoke sales packages for clients, thematic or otherwise.
      • Where appropriate, to be liaison between external research/ratings providers; and provide positive ratings/series performance info when required.
      • Assisting the SVP & Head of EMEA Int’l TV sales in providing information to Sales Planning team, when required, including sales estimates for new programming.? Ensuring format used for delivery of information is easily understandable.



      Qualifications?and skills:

      • Educated to University or College Level;
      • Advanced Excel skills and proficient in PowerPoint
      • Experience in the television distribution industry in sales, acquisitions or broadcasting
      • Good understanding of film and television rights and film windowing
      • Thorough understanding of contracts, clauses and television licensing language/terminology
      • Must be detail oriented with strong organisational skills and the ability to multitask
      • Excellent interpersonal skills: ability to communicate effectively both written and oral
      • Experience and confidence when dealing with clients and across different business lines
      • Self-motivated, can work independently and able to prioritise to meet deadlines.
      • Basic understanding of ratings systems/analysis desirable


      Our objective is to source for candidates who demonstrate the Lionsgate values:

      • Collaborative– a great team player who works well alongside all stakeholders
      • Passionate– an ability to enrol, involve and motivate others with your ideas and plans
      • Innovative– a creative flair, with the ability to think differently and offer new solutions and ideas
      • Inspiring– demonstrate drive, tenacity and commitment to the job in hand
      • Integrity– remaining true to the company’s values and always acting with positive intent